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Homeowners and Personal Property Insurance

Here at Atrium Insurance Group, we provide the essential components needed to protect a wide variety of homes. We believe your home is your most valuable asset and provide protection so you can rest assured. Whether you rent or own a house, townhouse or condominium, we've got the right policy to fit your needs. 


Homeowner Policies

Our homeowner policies cover a wide range of products, offering to you a multitude of selections that will fit your personal needs. Our umbrella of policies provides coverage for manufactured and mobile homes.

Do you need more specialized homeowner's policies? Give us a call, we'll work with you to find the correct coverage that is both affordable and right for you.

Renter Policies

Do you own a big screen TV? How about a home personal computer or other costly electronics? Just because you rent doesn't mean that you shouldn't worry about insurance coverage for your personal property.

Renter policies comes at a minimal cost to you – and provides you with the peace of mind that your belongings are insured against unforeseen damage, like theft, vandalism and fire.

Protect Your Investment

As a landlord, with so much on the line, your property investment should be protected against unexpected events. Your property is a valuable source of income, so its only natural to protect that with a policy that covers your investment.

Liability covers any unexpected injuries on your property.

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